ThinkTank – SF Hep B Free Service Learning Program

To implement meaningful community service for the prevention of hepatitis B and liver disease as the greatest health disparity for Asians and Pacific Islanders; and to integrate this service with lessons and reflection that enrich the learning experience, teach community responsibility, and improve the health and wellness of the community.

What students gain through this program:
• Learn about hepatitis B and how to prevent the disease

• Apply Hep B knowledge in the real world by taking care of themselves and sharing Hep B awareness with others

• Grow as leaders, decision makers, and problem solvers

• Gain a better understanding of themselves and the world around them

• Develop as active members of society

I. Minimum Qualifications – Self Study:
1.) Students complete Hep B lesson plan with questionnaire on self-knowledge.

2.) Students get themselves tested for Hep B.

II. Service Learning Activities – Getting community members tested for Hep B:
1.) For each person tested other than themselves, students receive 4 hours of service learning as follows:
                 a. 1 hour reviewing lesson plan
                 b. 1 hour sharing lesson plan with new patient
                 c. 1 hour helping new person to get tested for Hep B
                 d. 1 hour post-test follow up education/discussion with person tested

2.) Students get each patient to sign completion form for Hep B lesson plan and self-quiz.

3.) Students present ThinkTank SFHBF Registration form with patient at each testing site.

4.) Students get copy of registration form after each testing.

5.) Students return Hep B lesson plan forms and Registration forms to TT faculty.

6.) Group projects encouraged. For example setting up testing events – SFHBF can provide educational materials, testing personnel and refreshments.

III. Faculty Responsibility – Recording and Reporting Information:
1.) Administer and record completion of self-quiz and testing by each student.

2.) Distribute TT/SFHBF registration forms to students.

3.) Collect from students: completed TT/SFHBF registration forms and self-quiz completion forms from each patient.

4.) For each student: Record name of each patient recruited and the dates of signed education form and registration testing form. Transmit data to SFHBF weekly.

5.) Transmit spreadsheet of all student activity to SFHBF on Friday, August 30, 2013

IV. Service Learning Recognition:
1.) SF Hep B Free will provide to each student a letter documenting service hours.

2.) For each student that recruits two or more patients to be tested, SFHBF will present that student with a SFHBF Certificate of Good Citizenship.

3.) Top students with most activities will be presented with Congressional Certificates of recognition and have photo opportunity with San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee or other public official.

4.) Top students awards presentation on Wednesday evening, September 18, 2013

V. SFHBF Testing Registration Form:
1.) Only use testing forms that have TTL Logo in upper right hand corner. Bring your own testing form if patient is getting tested at an off-site screening facility.

2.) Include your student name and ID number (last 3 digits of your SSN) at top of form in space provided.

3.) You can have the testing patient fill out the first page of the form or you can have it filled out by staff at the screening facility. The screening facility staff will be able to answer any questions you have about filling out the form.

4.) Get a copy of the completed form from the testing facility after the patient has concluded their testing.

5.) Return copy of completed testing form to your TTL instructor.

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